Book review: Kishore Kumar: The Ultimate Biography By: Anirudha Bhattacharjee, Parthiv Dhar

This book is clearly a labor of love for the authors, and their extensive research and attention to detail are evident throughout the book. However, at times, the wealth of information can be overwhelming and distract from the central narrative of Kishore’s journey. While the specific dates and background of each family member may be interesting at first, they eventually become tedious and detract from the emotional depth of the story. As a result, the book becomes more of a collection of facts than a captivating tale. In comparison to biographies by authors such as Walter Isaacson and David McColough, this book could benefit from a more cohesive and engaging narrative. I also found the numbering and structure of the chapters confusing. Perhaps my not being familiar with Ragas didn’t help either.

As for the audio version, the narration by Riya is a highlight of the book. She handles the English passages and Hindi/Bengali references to songs with ease and obviously has no issues with pronunciation. At times, the reading may come across as a bit dry, but this could also be a result of the overwhelming details mentioned earlier. Overall, the audio version is worth a listen for fans of Riya’s podcasts and anyone interested in learning more about the legend, Kishore Kumar

By Manish

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