“Game change” is a really good book. The authors successfully provide a very detailed and thorough analysis all the events surrounding the 2008 presidential election. I thought it was particularly interesting the way the book highlighted the selection of Sarah Palin and how the McCain camp had Joe Lieberman as their candidate right up to a couple of days before the announcement and how that dynamic changed at the last minute. Detailed account of how the McCain team had to bring in Sarah Palin without a lot of background checks. It was also very interesting to learn about Obama and his rise and the way Bill and Hillary and and their camp reacted to his rise.

It’s very interesting to follow because all the figures are those we saw during the campaigns. We see their public faces and can guess what was going on behind-the-scenes. This book in some cases validates those feelings and other points provides insight into the key decisions and decision-makers that shape a presidential campaign.

I think any political junkie will enjoy this narrative a lot!

By Manish

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